The eKegel is not just any TENS/EMS unit. Don't experiment!

Yes, the technology is electric current modulation. That's actually reassuring since the technology is old and has been proven to be entirely safe. The technology has wide approval from the medical community and has been proven to be incredibly effective in rehabilitation, which is what we are doing with the pelvic floor muscles. Newer technologies don't have this track record.

So yes, it's a common technology, but that speaks to its safety. However, what we did was to make it entirely specific to this very sensitive area of the male anatomy. There are a number of machines out there but none designed like ours. 

The modulation and the pulsation, especially when the pulse width is set to high is unmatched in the market. Not only is the electric modulation perfect for replicating deep kegel exercises, it is also safe as the device's intensity was reduced to target those very small muscles. Unlike the eKegel, other EMS machines usually come with 20+ programs, for applications to all body parts, from neck to toes, but none are designed for pelvic floor muscles.

So yes, in theory, one could experiment with many EMS machines and eventually get close to something like the eKegel, but that's a pretty scary approach. We take the guesswork out with a device that can be used on day 1 with the perfect calibration for a safe and most efficient stimulation of the pelvic floor muscles. 

Be well brothers!